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Indaba On Demand offers exceptional workshops to help you find a deeper, more beneficial, and more enjoyable yoga practice in your own time.

For single workshops, you will get access for 3 days. Series of workshop recordings are available for 1 month.

This Gong Bath is a soul-restoring experience, and you may feel deep stirrings of feeling, emotion, and peace as she plays a powerful range of gongs, bowls, cymbals and other instruments.
This workshop will provide the fundamentals for properly engaged backbending. The magic happens when combining the pains and pleasures of connected and controlled backbending with controlled inversions to find your Personal CONTORTURE®.
An ancient brahmanical text, Manusmriti, sets out certain “ laws” are necessary to be followed to establish dharma. The consumption of drugs and alcohol would be excluded in such a lifestyle leading to self realisation, to Yoga.
Playfulness and Devine connection finding creativity, lightness and flow in the Practice. The workshop will explore the slightly more challenging but fun arm balances and variations in modern yoga practices.
Does your image truly reflect how good you are as a yoga teacher? When someone goes to your social media or to your website, are you sure they see the best and most authentic version of yourself? If the answer is not, it’s time to learn some photography and video basic rules.
Sound Immersion may transport a person to a state of self-healing. Using large concert gongs and a variety of sounds designed to induce profound physical relaxation and deeper meditative states, Simone, aims to create a safe place where the listener is invited to totally immerse into Sound
For some, backbends are their nemesis, but back bending isn’t about having hypermobility in your lower back, in fact, the shoulder girdle and thoracic spine should take the majority of the work in safe successful backbends.
Clear out the old and make room for the new, allow the sound of the gong to remove the stresses and blow the cobwebs away. Let the vibrations of sound waves send you into a blissful state of meditation so you can unwind.
Awaken to your potential for change this different times can be a gift for you on the path to spiritual maturity. These workshops introduce and explain each Klesha in detail with concise definitions which provide a clear understanding of how the Kleshas affect us at ever.
In order to place oneself in a special way “to proceed in intelligently conceived steps in order to reach a desired goal” requires the anga(limbs) of astanga yoga to be utilised. This Dynamic workshop will include all 4 practical aspects of astanga: asana, pranayama, dhyana and mantra.
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