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Vryndavana Ramos

Immersed in the world of yoga, Vrynda discovered the transformative power of Hatha in her first class in 2013. But it was her encounter with Rocket Yoga that sparked a profound connection to the practice. This curiosity fuelled a journey that led her to delve into the foundations of Rocket, completing her first 250 hours in Ashtanga.

Guided by renowned instructors such as David Kyle, Vrynda embarked on a transformative Rocket journey. Another Six months of intensive Vinyasa and mobility training in Asia under the tutelage of Dylan Werner and William Soo added a dynamic dimension to her practice.

 Recognising the importance of balance, Vrynda embraced Yin training to complement her yang Rocket practice. Introduced to Bhakti Yoga in childhood by her parents, Vrynda has cultivated a deep connection to spiritual teachings found in texts like Bhagavad Gita and Bhagavatam throughout her whole life that brings a deep spiritual dimension to her classes.

 In Vrynda’s classes, students can anticipate a harmonious blend of spirituality and playfulness. The sequences are crafted with a thoughtful balance of challenging strength positions, deep meditation practices, mobility, and a touch of her always present humour.

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