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Sarah Highfield

Born in Hong Kong and based in London, Sarah teaches yoga with a strong focus on extended stretches and correct alignment. Her classes are about energising the body, opening up, and ultimately relaxing the mind and body. Students will practice mind- body-breath synchronisation and her classes are perfect for those looking to increase flexibility and strength. Each class is fun and challenging, delivered in a mix of English and Sanskrit, with easy-to- understand demonstrations and optional hands-on adjustments. You will leave feeling refreshed and renewed. Sarah believes there is a style of yoga for everyone and encourages students to discover what works for them.

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Enjoy this gentle exploration of your body as you stretch through the whole body. Aim in this practice not to attain new advanced postures, but to feel intensely how your body is and how it moves. You can expect to leave this class feeling relaxed, reset and ready to go about your day.


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