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Deborah Liu

Deborah’s mantra is commitment and constant practice leads to transformative change. In addition to her depth of training in many yoga lineages with an emphasis on the link with asana, pranayama and meditation, Deborah combines her extensive education and experience in fitness, anatomy, fascia therapy and nutrition to inspire and empower students to travel this path of a life well lived. Deborah combines challenging asana with breathing and meditation, using the most efficient techniques to help students immerse deeper into their practice, with the ultimate goal of self-realization. Deborah began to find strength in stillness, flexibility in “letting go” and deep peace within. With an exceptional understanding of the physical aspects of the human body and how it interconnects with the mind, Deborah cues with descriptive language allowing students to access poses that they might otherwise never experience, encouraging them to reach beyond their limits while observing ahimsa (non-harming) techniques.

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It is seemingly intense and intimidating, but the practice actually encourages the student to go within, so the body is in a state of calm alertness, allowing students to access true strength and true mobility with unexpected ease”


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