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Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa yoga involves a stream of movements, coordinated seamlessly with the breath to result in a flowing smooth sequence. No two classes are alike, and the creativity and experience of the teacher is given the chance to shine as they direct you from one pose to the next. Classes often have a theme, such as heart-opening backbends, or focus on a part of the body, such as the hips and hamstrings. The fluid movements work to increase your flexibility, strength and stamina, while also quieting the mind and keeping you present in the moment.

21 Classes Found
Wake up gently and mindfully with Kat with this short morning routine, bringing awareness and attention to your body and your surroundings. Starting from the feet and moving up, you will awaken your body bit by bit until you emerge standing, ready to start your day.
This fun and dynamic lunar flow commences with some juicy hip-opening moon salutations with progressive additions. This energising flow is great for those of you who enjoy mandala yoga as well as any vinyasa yoga.
Enjoy this gentle exploration of your body as you stretch through the whole body. Aim in this practice not to attain new advanced postures, but to feel intensely how your body is and how it moves. You can expect to leave this class feeling relaxed, reset and ready to go about your day.
Pamela has been part of the Indaba family for many years, initially assisting her teachers, Stewart Gilchrist and Amanda Denton. Pam initially came to yoga for healing, and soon started to feel it’s limitless power and wisdom.
Unless you're one of those cheery morning people who hop out of bed with the sunrise, getting up is tough. But easing into it with these morning yoga poses will help you wake up on the right side of the bed. This practice will leave you feeling open and strong!
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